Best North Lake Tahoe & Truckee Grocery Stores (2024)

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Truckee Grocery Stores

Grocery Stores in Truckee, CA

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2023 Directory of Grocery Stores in Truckee, CA

Raley’s O-N-E Market

Raley’s O-N-E Market offers a unique store experience centered around the brand acronym Organics, Nutrition and Education. This Truckee grocery store store distinguishes itself from typical outlets through its meticulously curated range of products, and features a beer and wine bar.

Features: Grocery, Beer & Wine Bar, Coffee Bar, Cafe, Pizza Oven, Deli, Bakery, Meat, Produce

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Safeway is the most popular grocery store in Truckee with the typical selection of household staples. Safeway (also known as VONS or Albertsons) is a popular chain that offers a wide range of products including fresh produce, meat, and dairy, and a Starbucks cafe.

Features: Grocery, Starbucks, Sandwiches, Deli, Bakery, Meat, Produce

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New Moon Natural Foods

New Moon Natural Foods is a small health food store in Truckee, with two locations, Truckee and Tahoe City, CA. This store offers a range of organic and natural products including groceries, supplements, and personal care items. They have a focus on providing local and sustainable products to support the health and well-being of the mountain community.

Features: Grocery, Coffee Bar, Cafe, Juice Bar, Produce

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Save Mart Supermarkets

Save Mart is a well-known grocery store chain predominantly found in northern California/Nevada area. You will find a variety of departments including fresh produce, bakery, meat, and dairy, along with other staples at this Truckee grocery store.

Features: Grocery, Deli, Bakery, Meat, Produce

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Grocery Outlet

Grocery Outlet is a budget-friendly Truckee supermarket, presenting a selection of essentials, fresh produce, meats, and dairy products. Despite its limited selection, each aisle is packed with savings.

Features: Grocery, Meat, Produce

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Specialty Stores in Truckee, CA

Mi Pueblito Market

Mi Pueblito Market is Truckee’s best Mexican market that carries bakery items, meats, and a variety of hard-to-find ingredients staples in Mexican cuisine that you won’t come across in other Truckee grocery stores.

Features: Grocery, Produce, Carniceria, Taco Bar

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Best Truckee Grocery Store: Raley’s O-N-E Market

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Raley’s O-N-E prioritizes freshness, nutrition, organic options when available, minimal processing, and sustainable sourcing. Explore thoughtfully selected items featuring clean ingredients.

Online Shopping:
Get groceries from Raley’s delivered right into your fridge in as little as two hours with Just Better Delivery™. The store also offers curbside pickup for a convenient shopping experience.

Something Extra Rewards Program:
This program allows you to earn rewards every time you shop at Raley’s. The rewards are issued periodically, with the next issuance slated for October 5th, as per the current data on the website.

Product Range:
The store has various departments including produce, meat & seafood, dairy, beverages, frozen items, floral section, beer & wine, health & beauty products, deli & bakery, and pantry items. They also have sections for household and pet products.
Community Involvement: Raley’s is actively involved in community services with initiatives like Food for Families and Community Giving. They also offer Extra Credit Grants and have a dedicated section for crisis response.

Customer Support:
For any assistance, customers can reach out to them at (800) 925-9989.
Raley’s made a significant move in their journey of transformation with the opening of the first Raley’s O-N-E Market in Truckee, California, on June 27th, a few years ago. This 35,000 square foot store stands as a testament to the company’s 85-year commitment to exceptional service, blending it with a focus on transparency and education to create a unique Truckee grocery store shopping destination with a highly curated product selection.

Vision: The store embodies Raley’s vision of infusing life with health and happiness by changing the way the world eats, one plate at a time. Over the past 5+ years, Raley’s has made bold moves to align with this vision, including eliminating private label sugar-sweetened sodas, removing tobacco products, sourcing 100% sustainable fresh seafood, and promoting awareness of added sugar.

The initiative is led by Keith Knopf, Raley’s President & CEO, and is a long-anticipated vision of Raley’s owner, Michael Teel.

Community Engagement:
The grocery store was opened in Truckee because the community supports an active and healthy lifestyle. The store’s design resembles a ski lodge, serving as a meeting place for locals and visitors alike, with two patios offering plenty of outdoor seating and fireplaces.

Product Selection:
The store offers a curated assortment of products that are fresh, nutritious, organic when possible, minimally processed, and sustainably sourced. It excludes products containing ingredients from their banned ingredient list, such as high fructose corn syrup, artificial preservatives, flavors, sweeteners, and hydrogenated fats and oils.

Café: The Raley’s O-N-E Market is one of the only Truckee grocery stores with an amazing Café that features coffee from local roaster Drink Coffee Do Stuff, specialty toasts, an organic juice bar, restaurant-quality options like hearth-baked pizza and sandwiches, freshly prepared sushi made with 100% sustainable seafood, and artisan baked goods with clean ingredients.

Beer and Wine Bar:
The store’s loft includes a beer and wine bar offering local craft brews, curated wines, and chef-created bar bites, making it a truly unique grocery store in Truckee.

Something Extra Health Program:
This program, offered at Raley’s O-N-E Market Truckee, is designed to help customers on their personal wellness journeys, offering in-store tours and classes, personalized nutrition counseling, and supplement recommendations.

The store incorporates several sustainable elements, including high-efficiency LED lighting, motion sensors in refrigerated and frozen cases, a highly reflective “cool roof”, a low water consumption adiabatic refrigeration condensing system, 210 photovoltaic solar panels, and an anaerobic digester process that converts organic waste into bio-natural gas.
The Jeffrey pine trees cleared for the site were repurposed into the Truckee grocery store’s design, including décor elements and approximately 10,000 square feet of paneling on the A-frame ceiling. This initiative is part of Raley’s long-range brand differentiation strategy, and the grocery store in Truckee is a significant step in their commitment to promoting health and wellness.

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Most Popular Truckee Grocery Store: Safeway

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Looking for the best Truckee grocery store for all your daily needs? Look no further than Safeway, your one-stop destination for a range of products and services.

Online Grocery Delivery:
You can order groceries online and have them delivered with Just Better Delivery™

Weekly Ad & Recipes:
The website features a section where you can find weekly ads for discounts and recipes for quick and easy meal solutions, including breakfast delights, tasty snacks, and simple dinners.

Pharmacy Services:
Safeway is the only Truckee grocery store that also houses a pharmacy where you can get free flu shots (with most insurance plans) and other vaccines.

Safeway, Inc. is a prominent American supermarket chain that was established by Marion Barton Skaggs in April 1915 in American Falls, Idaho. The chain offers a variety of grocery items, food, and general merchandise, featuring specialty departments such as bakery, delicatessen, floral, and pharmacy, along with Starbucks coffee shops and fuel centers. It became a subsidiary of Albertsons in January 2015, following acquisition by private equity investors led by Cerberus Capital Management. The company’s primary base of operations is in the Western United States, with some stores located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the Eastern Seaboard. The headquarters of Safeway is situated in Pleasanton, California, while its parent company, Albertsons, is headquartered in Boise, Idaho.

In terms of its history, the inception of Safeway was marked by a revolutionary approach to retailing. In 1915, S.M. Skaggs, a Baptist minister and the father of the founder, initiated a system where customers paid for their groceries in cash at the time of sale, as opposed to the prevalent credit system. This approach was aimed at curbing the dependency of customers on storekeepers and grocers, and also to prevent the increase in prices due to the delay in payments. S.M. Skaggs established a store in American Falls, Idaho, which operated on the self-service concept, where items were displayed within the reach of customers who would pick what they wanted and pay at the checkout counter.

The business expanded rapidly under the leadership of M.B. Skaggs, who took over from his father. By 1926, he had opened 428 stores in 10 states. The business further expanded when it merged with 322 stores of the Sam Seelig Company, adopting the name Safeway, Inc. The name reflected the company’s policy of cash-and-carry, which was considered a “safe way” to purchase groceries as it prevented families from falling into debt. In 1926, the business merged with another 673 stores from Skaggs United Stores of Idaho and Skaggs Cash Stores of California, making it the largest chain of grocery stores west of the Mississippi at that time.

Throughout the 20th century, Safeway continued to innovate and expand, introducing features like produce pricing by the pound, “sell by” dates on perishables, and nutritional labeling. It also ventured into international markets including Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. It’s now one of the most popular Truckee grocery stores for locals and tourist alike in the Tahoe area. 

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Exterior of Safeway in Truckee | Truckee Grocery Stores

Best Health Food Store in Truckee: New Moon Natural Foods

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New Moon Natural Foods is a family-owned community market that serves the North Tahoe region & Truckee.

Organic Products:
They offer a range of organic products including produce, locally-ranched meat, and a unique selection of beer, wine, and cheese that’s unique to Truckee grocery stores. They are committed to providing products that are grown without pesticides, harsh chemical fertilizers, or genetic modifications.

Conscious Choices:
The store emphasizes conscious choices in their product selection. The meats they offer are sourced from farms and ranches where animals are raised humanely, without hormones or antibiotics. They prioritize sourcing from local and family farms whenever possible.

Wholesome Offerings:
New Moon Natural Foods is dedicated to offering wholesome, handcrafted food. They provide options catering to various dietary preferences including vegetarian, vegan, paleo, and options for those with dairy, nut, and gluten sensitivities.

Local Focus:
The store takes pride in sourcing foods from local sources as much as possible, supporting a vibrant and unique community. They define “local” as a 100-mile radius from their front door.

Crescent Café:
Apart from being a grocery store, New Moon is one of the only Truckee grocery stores with a café that offers organic juice, prepared foods, soups, and more. The menu at the café is evolving to keep the offerings fresh and exciting.

Online Grocery Delivery:
You can order groceries online and have them delivered with Just Better Delivery™.

They have two locations – one at 11357 Donner Pass Rd, Truckee, CA (Phone: 530-587-7426) and another at 505 W Lake Blvd, Tahoe City, CA (Phone: 530-583-7426).

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New Moon Natural Foods | Grocery Stores in Truckee

Truckee Grocery Store: Save Mart Supermarkets

Weekly Ad:
The website offers a section where you can find weekly advertisements for various deals and discounts available at the store.

Rewards Program:
They have a rewards program where you can earn and redeem rewards for your purchases.
Store Locator: You can find store locations easily through their website, which might be useful to locate the nearest Truckee grocery stores.

Mobile App:
Save Mart also offers a mobile app that you can download for a more convenient shopping experience.

Online Grocery Delivery:
You can order groceries online and have them delivered with Just Better Delivery™.

Overview: Save Mart Supermarkets is a well-established American grocery store operator founded on January 17, 1952, by Michael Piccinini and Nicholas Tocco. The company is headquartered in Modesto, California. Here’s a brief overview of its history and operations:

Founding Date: January 17, 1952
Founders: Michael Piccinini and Nicholas Tocco
Headquarters: Modesto, California, U.S.
Number of Locations: As of Q3 2021, the company operates 293 locations, including 204 supermarkets and 89 pharmacies.
Revenue: USD 4.6 billion (2019)
Number of Employees: 23,000 (2020)

1952: The first Save Mart store opens in Modesto, California.
1973: Yosemite Wholesale opens in Merced, California.
1981: Bob Piccinini is named president.
1984: The company partners with other retailers to launch Mid-Valley Dairy, the producer of Sunnyside Farms products, and opens SMART Refrigerated Transport in Turlock, California.
1985: Bob Piccinini purchases Save Mart Supermarkets and becomes CEO.
1986: The company opens its first two FoodMaxx stores in Bakersfield, California, in partnership with the Fleming Company.
2006: Acquires Albertsons stores in various regions and converts them to Lucky and Save Mart stores in 2007.
2022: The company is acquired by the private equity firm Kingswood Capital Management.

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Exterior of Save Mart Supermarkets in Truckee | Truckee Grocery Stores

Newest Truckee Grocery Store: Grocery Outlet 

Store Hours Directions Grocery Delivery

Discounts and Offers:
Customers who sign up for the email list can enjoy a special offer where they receive a $3 discount on a purchase of $25 or more. This is a great way to save on your first shopping trip.

Weekly Ads:
The website features a section where you can find weekly ads showcasing the latest deals and promotions available at your local store. It’s a handy tool to plan your shopping and make the most of the discounts available.

Gift Cards:
Grocery Outlet offers gift cards that can be purchased through their website. These gift cards make for a convenient and thoughtful gift option for friends and family, allowing them to shop for their preferred products at any Grocery Outlet store.

Grocery Delivery: 
You can order groceries online and have them delivered with Just Better Delivery™.

Grocery Outlet, a family-operated business, was founded in 1946 by Jim Read, who started by selling military surplus at a discount. Over the years, the business model evolved to include selling discounted groceries and closeout merchandise. Today, Grocery Outlet operates over 300 stores in the United States, offering a wide range of discounted products including fresh produce, meat, dairy, and more. The stores are mainly independently operated by local families, fostering a community-centric shopping experience. The company is known for its commitment to providing quality products at significantly reduced prices, making it a popular choice among budget-conscious consumers.

Truckee Grocery Outlet | Truckee Supermarkets

Find a grocery store in Truckee while on your vacation

Since the opening of two new supermarkets in 2020, Truckee grocery stores now offer an even wider range of products, you can now buy nearly every ingredient you’re used to in your hometown. Discover a wide array of essentials, including fresh produce, bakery goodies, deli selections, an extensive beer and wine collection, and much more at our local Truckee supermarkets.

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Produce section inside Raley's - Truckee Grocery Stores

Best Grocery Stores in Truckee, CA Near Me

When it comes to finding the best grocery stores in Truckee, CA there are a lot of options. Whether you are looking for fresh produce, picnic items, or quick snacks to bring to the lake, Truckee has got you covered.

Most Popular Grocery Store in Truckee, CA

Safeway is one of the larger grocery stores in Truckee, offering a wide range of products including fresh fruits, vegetables, bakery items, and a deli section. You might be interested in checking the Truckee Safeway pharmacy hours for any pharmaceutical needs. Another popular choice is Save Mart Supermarkets, where you can find a variety of essentials including beer, wine, and alcohol.

Exterior of Safeway in Truckee | Truckee Grocery Stores

Newest Truckee Grocery Stores

Raley’s O-N-E Market is a standout option in Truckee, offering a curated selection of products with clean ingredients. If you are looking for the Raley’s hours in Truckee, it would be best to check their official website or scroll to the top of this page for the store details.

Grocery Outlet is your go-to place for discount, overstocked, and closeout products from name-brand suppliers. It’s a great place to find deals and is a popular grocery store in Truckee, California.

Inside Raley's in Truckee - Truckee Grocery Stores

Fun Facts

Where is the oldest grocery store in the world?
Memphis, Tennessee
Clarence Saunders moved to Memphis from Montgomery County and worked in a grocery warehouse. He worked hard and saved his money. Then, on September 11, 1916, in Memphis, he opened the first supermarket in the world, Piggly Wiggly.

What are the biggest grocery stores in the world?
Ahold Delhaize

What is the oldest grocery store in America?
Doud’s Market
Doud’s Market is the oldest family-operated grocery store in the United States of America! When you step foot into Doud’s Market, you are supporting local family business in such a special way – as the family business has been operated in 1884

What is the oldest grocery store in California?
Oakville Grocery
Founded in 1881, we are the oldest continually operating grocery store in California, and a destination for locals and visitors alike.

What are the top 3 grocery stores in the US?
Walmart is the most popular grocery store chain nationwide, with 25.2% of the market share as of last year. Costco and Kroger are the second- and third-most-popular grocers, with 7.1% and 5.6% of the market share, respectively.

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