Just Better Delivery™ Commission Program

Commission Program

Increase revenue and enhance your guest’s experience with Just Better Delivery™

Our extended range of in-home services enables guests to access conveniences during their stay such as pre-arrival grocery delivery, charcuterie boards, and restaurant takeout delivery.

Whether you’re a private homeowner, Airbnb host, VRBO host, travel agent, concierge or vacation rental company our commission program is designed to benefit you.

In-Home & Concierge Shopping Services

How does it work?

Simple Integration

All you need to do is add our link to your booking email. This ensures your guests can learn about the service immediately upon booking, and gives them time to plan their shopping list and reserve their pre-arrival grocery delivery.

Order Tracking

Whenever a guest staying at your property places an order with us, we’ll reach out to you to confirm the booking details like guest name, date of arrival, to confirm the house is vacant — or if it’s a back-to-back booking — we’ll be sure to wait until the current guests have checked out.

Earn Commission

For every order placed by your guests, you’ll earn a 10% commission on our earnings. It’s a hassle-free way to generate additional income from your property.

Flexible Payouts

We maintain a detailed log of all your commissions. Choose to receive your payout monthly or when your commission accumulates to a minimum amount, such as $100, before we send you a check.

Why Partner with Just Better Delivery™?

Enhanced Guest Experience

Offering our delivery service enhances the overall experience for your guests, making their stay more convenient and enjoyable.

No Additional Work

There’s no extra effort on your part. Simply share our link, and we’ll handle the rest.

Transparent Communication

With direct lines of communication open, you’ll always be in the loop about orders and commissions.

Important info to share with your guests

1) Add a short introduction 
You can write your own, or simply copy & paste one of the snippets below about the service.

2) Add a link to www.justbetterdelivery.com It helps to put this as close to the top of your booking/welcome emails as possible so more guests will see and use it.

copy & paste Option 1

Arrive to a fully stocked kitchen

Make your upcoming stay a little more relaxing with pre-arrival and same day grocery delivery. We have partnered with Just Better Delivery™ in Truckee. They have personal shoppers that can deliver anything you may need to your rental prior to your arrival or during your stay.
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Get your kitchen stocked with groceries before you arrive

To alleviate spending precious vacation time standing in grocery store lines we recommend purchasing what you might need prior to your arrival. Just Better Delivery™ is a local Truckee personal shopping service that delivers groceries, stocking food, beverages and other essentials to your vacation home for you.
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Get Started

Join the growing number of vacation rental hosts who are benefiting from our commission program. It’s a win-win: your guests enjoy our top-notch delivery service, and you earn extra money on each booking. 

Complete the form below to send us your details, and we’ll reach out to you to confirm everything within 24 hours.

Call or text: (530) 430-3550
Email: info@justbetterdelivery.com

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