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Truckee Concierge - Fully stocked refrigerator

Don’t spend a moment of your family getaway out running errands with our Truckee concierge shopping service

Tahoe Concierge Personal Shopping & Home Pre-stocking Service

Don’t waste your precious vacation time in line at the grocery store or running errands with pre-arrival or same day delivery in North Lake Tahoe.

From stocking your fridge before you check-in, to dinner delivery while you’re here — simply send us your list and we’ll handle the rest.

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Large kitchen pantry stocked with food - Grocery delivery in Truckee

Recommended by concierges and partnered with vacation rental companies

We are committed to fulfilling your every request, saving you time, and ensuring your peace of mind when you arrive in Tahoe.

Free up your precious vacation time with Just Better Delivery™ same-day and pre-arrival grocery delivery in North Lake Tahoe and have your groceries, prepared meals, and more conveniently placed neatly away in your fridge and pantry before you even arrive.

Besides groceries, you can also order other essential items with Just Better Delivery™, including pet supplies, bundles of firewood, basic toiletries, prescriptions or personal care items. Whether North Lake Tahoe is your permanent residence or you’re here on vacation, take comfort in knowing that you can enjoy all that the town has to offer delivered directly to your home, hotel, vacation rental, or Airbnb with your Truckee concierge service.

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Order anything from anywhere

Your shopping concierge can deliver any items you’d like to have during your trip, and is not limited to groceries. Simply send us your list and everything will show up in your fridge and pantry in a matter of hours.

Grocery Delivery

Get groceries delivered from any local store like Raley’s O-N-E Market, Safeway, and New Moon Natural Foods.

Takeout Delivery

Dinner delivered from any local restaurant like Old Town Tap, Rubicon Pizza, and Burger Me.

Prescription Delivery

Order prescription delivery from any local pharmacy like Tahoe Forest Pharmacy, Rite Aid, or CVS.

Flower Delivery

Send flowers to friends and family in North Lake Tahoe. We’ll pick them up from a local florist, or the grocery store.

Butcher and Fish Market Delivery

Get all your favorites from Mountain Valley Meats and Buoy & Trap Seafood Market delivered right into your fridge.

Cake & Bakery Delivery

Surprise that special someone with a cake delivery from Cornerstone Bakery, or pastries from Sierra Bakehouse.

Baby & Personal Care Items

Pack lighter and start your trip stress free, we’ll deliver any toiletries or baby essentials before you check-in.

Ice & Propane Delivery

Anything and everything you need for your gathering, all stocked and ready for when you arrive.

Frequently asked questions

How does your Truckee concierge service work?

If this is your first time using our service, complete our simple online order form and send us your shopping list. (Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any dietary preferences or special requests.) To add any items to your list after placing your order, just send us a text, or email.

If you’ve already ordered with us before, we have your info saved on file, so you can simply send us a text at (530) 430-3550 to schedule your delivery.

Once you send us your shopping list, we will handle everything else from grocery shopping, going to multiple stores to fulfill your list, arranging access to your rental with the vacation rental agency or hotel concierge, and stocking your kitchen, pantry and bar.

How much does Truckee concierge delivery via Just Better Delivery™ cost?

Our current service fees can be found on our order form in the “What you need to know” section.

What grocery stores in Truckee/N. Lake Tahoe does Just Better Delivery™ offer delivery from?

We deliver from:
• Raley’s O-N-E Market
• Safeway
• New Moon Natural Foods
• And any other store — we are not limited to groceries.

Send us your list
We’ll handle the rest ™

What Our Customers Say

We’ve been using this service the past several years and they are amazing. You can pre order groceries before you arrive, they clean out all the expired food and stock the house. Today they brought me a delivery including a restock of propane. We highly recommend them.

Old Greenwood

Cannot say enough great things about this service. They have the best customer service and are so accommodating. Not only did they deliver and unpack all of our groceries at the start of our trip, but they were available for multiple dinner recommendations and deliveries while we were snowed in. They really made our family vacation easy breezy.


This is THE GROCERY delivery service you want! I have everything delivered- at my home, on vacation, I mean everything! Their service is top nothc- great customer service, very reliable, very great product selection and amazing communication. They even stock your fridge for you with the groceries and pre-arrival! You won’t regret it!

Martis Camp

Let us do your grocery shopping so YOU can do Tahoe.

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Truckee Concierge

North Lake Tahoe Concierge Shopping

It’s not just another delivery service – it’s Just Better Delivery™
Discover a new level of convenience with Just Better Delivery™ – your partner for pre-arrival and same-day grocery delivery in Tahoe. Our mission is to free up your invaluable vacation time, ensuring your essentials, groceries and more are neatly organized in your fridge and pantry before you even step foot in your vacation rental. Whether you’re here on a weekend getaway or summer vacation, Just Better Delivery™ is here to fulfill your grocery delivery needs.

Choice and Convenience Redefined

Choose between same-day grocery delivery or pre-arrival delivery from the selection of local stores in the Truckee area, including options like Raley’s O-N-E Market, Safeway, Mountain Valley Meats, Buoy & Trap Seafood Market, and even CVS, Rite Aid, or Tahoe Forest Pharmacy. Your dedicated shopping concierge is equipped to visit multiple locations, fulfilling your unique requests along the way.

Beyond Groceries

Just Better Delivery™ goes beyond the ordinary. While groceries are at the core of our service, we’re pleased to offer a broader selection of delivery services including household essential items, prescriptions, baby needs, restaurant takeaway, local bakeries, butcher shops and fish markets. Whether you’re a full-time resident of North Lake Tahoe or you are enjoying the area on holiday, our promise remains the same – a hassle-free experience with deliveries right to your kitchen.

Your Vacation, Your Time

No more waiting in grocery lines or making time-consuming errands a part of your getaway. Our pre-arrival and same-day Tahoe grocery delivery service in Truckee ensures you make the most of every moment. From stocking your kitchen before your arrival to facilitating same deliveries during your stay, Just Better Delivery™ is your trusted partner in convenience.

All-in-One Shopping Solution

Beyond groceries, our shopping concierge service offers an expansive range of possibilities. Your shopping list can include anything you desire, and our team will ensure that everything finds its place in your kitchen in a matter of hours.

Elevate Your Tahoe Adventure – Experience Just Better Delivery™

Experience all of Truckee to its fullest. Choose the convenience of pre-arrival or same-day grocery delivery in Truckee. We’re committed to going above your expectations, making your Tahoe experience truly exceptional. It’s not just a grocery delivery service, it’s Just Better Delivery™.

Truckee Concierge

Choosing the Best Tahoe Grocery Delivery Service for Your Vacation

Planning your next getaway to North Lake Tahoe? Enhance your vacation experience with Truckee concierge shopping service offered by Just Better Delivery. Imagine stepping into your vacation rental with a fully stocked pantry and fridge, tailored to your preferences, allowing you to dive straight into relaxation mode without the hassle of grocery shopping.

Just Better Delivery™, the leading name in Tahoe grocery delivery services, takes the stress out of your vacation planning. The bespoke concierge personal shopping service not only caters to grocery delivery but extends to fulfilling a wide array of your needs including prescriptions, flowers, cakes, and more, making your stay in N. Lake Tahoe seamless and enjoyable.

With a dedicated team of personal shoppers we’re committed to enhancing your vacation experience, sourcing all your family’s favorites and essentials, and even accommodating same-day delivery requests.

By choosing Just Better Delivery for your grocery delivery in Tahoe you gift yourself the luxury of time, to soak in the picturesque surroundings and indulge in the adventures the area has to offer, without a worry about errands ensuring a hassle-free and delightful stay.

Firepit overlooking the lake | Tahoe Grocery Delivery Service

Tahoe Delivery Services We Offer

We offer a plethora of services designed to make your stay in N. Lake Tahoe seamless and enjoyable.

Tahoe Grocery Delivery:
Forget the hassle of navigating through grocery store aisles. Just Better Delivery ensures your fridge is stocked with all your favorites before you arrive, offering both pre-arrival and same-day delivery options.

Restaurant Takeout:
Craving dishes from your favorite restaurants around North Lake Tahoe? Our delivery service extends to restaurant takeout, bringing the culinary delights right to your dining table. We use insulated food carriers to keep your takeaway meal as fresh as possible.

Pharmacy Delivery:
Our Tahoe delivery service includes pharmacy pickups from any local pharmacy.

Flower Delivery:
Celebrate a special occasion or send a get well gift with our Tahoe flower delivery service. A perfect way to add a send a special treat to your friends and family.
Bakery, Butcher & Fish Market Delivery:
Experience the best of the mountains with bakery, fish market and butcher delivery services. Bread, pastries, fresh fish and premium cuts of meat are just a text away.

Package Pickups:
Don’t let your mail get sent back! Our North Lake Tahoe delivery service also caters to package pickups from the post office and mail centers like UPS Store and The Office Boss. We can also stop by your home to secure any deliveries that were left on the porch.

Personal Shopping and Home Pre-stocking:
Elevate your vacation with luxury personal shopping and home pre-stocking service. Tailored to meet your family’s needs, our service promises a home away from home experience, with everything your family desires — just where you want it.

Balloons, Party Supplies and Decorations:
Theres truly no limit to what you can order with Just Better Delivery™. Gone are the days of running around town to create a special birthday gathering. Simply send a message with your list of needs, and everything will be set up and waiting for you at your home or vacation rental.

Need help with something else?
We’ve got you covered. To explore these Tahoe delivery services and more, visit or contact us at 530-430-3550. Experience the ultimate convenience and personalized service that makes your time in the mountains truly unforgettable.

Truckee Concierge - golf course at Schaffer's Mill

Tahoe grocery delivery service for your next ski trip

Planning a family ski vacation to the picturesque North Lake Tahoe area? It’s the perfect getaway especially when you’re visiting from the bustling Bay Area. The crisp mountain air and the pristine slopes are just a few hours away, but before you hit the road, there’s a smart way to save time and avoid the hassles of snowy roads and congested highways around the Truckee area. With a little planning, your next vacation can be seamless and relaxing by taking advantage of Tahoe grocery delivery services.

Palisades Tahoe and Northstar are renowned for offering a variety of slopes catering to different skill levels. You can find more information and tips for planning your ski trips on, a reliable resource for mountain locals and visitors alike.

Imagine not having to navigate the long lines at grocery stores, which often run out of stock of your favorite items. This is where Just Better Delivery™ steps in. Visit our website at and send over your shopping list. Whether you’re looking for fresh produce or pantry staples, our shopping concierge team has got you covered. Ordering your groceries online means you can head straight to your accommodation without the detour, saving you precious time to enjoy the slopes.

When you’re coming from the Bay Area, taking the I-80 is your best bet. However, be prepared for some traffic, especially during peak seasons. Locals would advise you to keep an eye on the road conditions with the Caltrans Quickmap App. Remember, the roads can be snowy, and conditions can change rapidly, so always plan ahead and travel prepared.

Planning a Tahoe ski vacation doesn’t have to be stressful. By utilizing Just Better Delivery™, you not only save time but also ensure that your family has everything they need to enjoy a comfortable and fun-filled stay. So gear up and get ready to hit the slopes, knowing that your pantry will be stocked and waiting for you, courtesy of a reliable Tahoe grocery delivery service.

Donner Summit | Truckee Grocery Delivery
Skier at Palisades Tahoe | Tahoe Grocery Delivery
Long checkout line at Safeway in Truckee | Same Day Grocery Delivery in Truckee


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